Welcome to Refugeestan


Almost seventeen million people—refugees,
displaced persons or migrants—live in camps, in a
virtual country the size of the Netherlands. And yet
the names of these places do not appear on any maps.
The UNHCR and NGOs have developed ways of
running them that are both efficient and absurd. This
film explores the land of camps, from Kenya, to
Tanzania, Jordan, and the Greece/Macedonia border,
as well as at the UNHCR’s headquarters in Geneva.

Les Pépites


Today they are twenty-five years old and are finishing their
studies or starting out in their first jobs.
When they were children, they all scavenged in Phnom Penh’s
open-air rubbish dump in order to survive.
This is where Christian and Marie-France, a pair of French
travelers, first met them more than twenty years ago. There
and then the couple decided to do whatever was necessary to
get these children out of this hell. To date, Christian and
Marie-France have enabled almost 10,000 children to have
access to education so that they can create a future for
themselves. This film is the story of an extraordinary

Mrs B. a North Korean Woman


Mrs. B. worked in a weapons factory in North Korea. Ten
years ago, she left her village for China, in order to work there
for a few months. But she was sold by traffickers to a Chinese
peasant. She has become a smuggler herself and she plans to
reunite with her two sons now living in South Korea. Arrested
by the police while crossing illegally the Thai border, she is
transferred to the South Korean immigration service. Mrs B is
now living in Seoul with her two sons. But to finally start a
new life with her sons, a new battle begins for her, since she
has been accused of spying and trafficking by National
Intelligence Service.

Et les mistrals Gagnants


Ambre, Camille, Charles, Imad, and Tugdual are between six
and nine years old. They live for the moment.
With humor and all the optimistic energy of childhood, they
take us by the hand, leading us into their world, sharing with us
their games, joys, laughter, dreams, and illness. A film with a
child’s eye view, simply about life.

Welcome to norway !


A couple decide to open a home for refuges in the remote cold
mountains of Norway, and gets a lot to deal with.